About Us

Nyth Y Robin is a grassroots small business on a high
street in a small rural community in West Wales. A small business that was
created from “the heart”, with values of supporting the rural high street from
extinction, a duty to create a place that valued differences and where everyone
felt welcome to access the space, with no pressure to spend money or risk being
faced with hard sales tactics and a commitment to regeneration.


For clarity, Nyth Y Robin is a business and not philanthropy or a not-for-profit organization
but a business that is embracing change and turning its back on a linear model
to foster and develop a circular economy focussed micro business. The business was not entered into with rose-tinted glasses and Sandra Richard, having run health and social care businesses in the past was well aware that few go into business without the objective of making money but
the difference was that this business was motivated by wanting to make a difference
and provide value to the stakeholders in ways other than huge profit and not at
the expense of people and the planet.


Nyth y Robin wanted to move away from commercial
business and explore a new way to do business in a purposeful, ethical, and
sustainable way.